About us

It's a real pain being diabetic: always having to watch what I eat, finding time to exercise, checking my sugar levels at various times of the day.  But mostly I miss having sweets.  Watching my non-diabetic family and friends get to partake of cakes, ice creams, and candies at picnics, weddings, and holiday gatherings got old really fast.  In fact, I would just leave the room or go for a walk when the desserts came out.

Sure there are over priced goodies at the store I could buy. There are those green packages you can get at Walmart that have a few peanut clusters and the one tin of sugar free French Vanilla coffee at the local grocery store.  But that is pretty much it.  

About 5 years ago, while in Lake Havasu for the annual Balloon Festival, I came across a candy vendor and asked if she had anything that was sugar free. She said the only item she had was a Prickly Pear Brittle.  I tried it and loved it.  And by looking at the back of the bag, I was able to find out who made it.  Upon returning to California, I contacted Roxanna, the manufacturer, and come to find out that she had not only other flavors of sugar free brittle, but that she also had a whole line of sugar free fudges, cocoas, cremes, coffees, and flavor enhancers.  It was if I had died and gone to diabetic dessert heaven.

So I started ordering.  And what a treat. Being able to have something diabetic friendly at home.  Having a few pieces of fudge and a cup of cocoa at night without having to worry about the sugar. I even started taking these sugar free fudges, brittles and cocoas to all of the family and friend gatherings so I would have something to share.

So it was a surprise, in May 2016, when Roxanna, our supplier, sent out an email that she wished to retire and would any of her customers like the opportunity to purchase all of her recipes and equipment. At first, I was angry that my sugar free treats were going away. Then I thought why shouldn't I be the one to carry forward with Roxanna's work. And so I did. 

Roxanna spent years developing sugar free equivalent recipes of her sugar based fudges, brittles, cocoas, cremes, coffees and flavor enhancers for her diabetic brother, Michael.  These sugar free variations proved even more popular than her sugar based ones and she developed quite a customer following in the Tucson, AZ area and beyond.

Roxanna has now retired and passed on her recipes, special manufacturing techniques and secret ingredients to me and I hope to make these delicious concoctions available to so many more people with diabetic or low-sugar diet restrictions.

In order to make it work I have assembled a wonderful group of people that have experience in manufacturing of fudges, brittles and the powered drinks and flavorings. And Roxanna is a phone call away to provide any continuing guidance I may need.

So welcome to somethingsugarfree.com!  I hope you enjoy my treats as much as I do.

Dawn Taylor